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Finding Feathers webcomic will begin serialisation from April 4, 2018


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Yes, hi, hello! Welcome to the Finding Feathers webcomic site.
Please bookmark this page, or follow me on social media for updates: twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook

It will be my first attempt at both a webcomic, and a long-form comic. My longest work up to now was… 16 pages? So we’ll see how far I get with this thing haha.

A few notes about the comic:
– Serialisation will start on Wednesday, April 4, 2018. It will update once a week on Wednesday.
– I’m not putting up pages right away because… I need to make them lol. And I want an update buffer for my anxiety-ridden self.
– Colouring is my arch-nemesis. But screen-toning is satan, so really I can’t win. Forgive me.
– This will be a fantasy/adventure/slice-of-life comic. Probably nothing too dark? And maybe some frank conversation about mature topics? Yeah.
– There will possibly be a lot of airy dream sequences and bad poetry.
– Main character is ESL.
– I want to livestream pages as I make them (but I need to set it up lol). But if you’re interested follow me on Twitch!



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