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Finding Feathers


“What’s up there, do you think?”
“Would we find the end of the sky?”


Asabora is like a huge kingdom from the fairytales of old, built amongst trees and climbing high into the sky, a nation unlike any other. It should have been a dream come true to live in, to explore.

But Gemma’s heart wavers, and she cannot call this world her home. For answers, she must climb.

Somewhere above, something (or someone) calls her.


Hi, I’m Han Nguyen (aeitchen). I’m a 27yo Asian-Australian based in Sydney. I fostered a love of anime/manga from childhood, went on to study Japanese and the humanities in University, then figured out I was Just A Weeb. I then waffled around in Art School for a bit while volunteering for the Sydney Comics Guild, and now I’m here.

Anyway, let’s see where this takes me ;u;)/

My comics/illustration portfolio

Updates Sundays.

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